Retooling and Refueling – Holistic Leadership with Bryan Sykes

Bryan Sykes interview with A Leadership Beyond

Retooling and Refueling – Holistic Leadership with Bryan Sykes

Building a leadership beyond is a holistic process. It requires nurturing our own growth while also fostering the growth of those we work with. We recognize and honor both our uniqueness and our shared humanity.

Joining us today is Bryan Sykes, a health care professional, neurobiologist, and martial artist working at the 4-way intersection of people, science, technology, and business to support human thriving. 

Bryan’s early life as a premature baby marked by frequent illnesses took a positive turn when his mother wisely enrolled him in martial arts. This decision enabled him, even at a young age, to forge a deep connection between the mind and body. He acquired the skill of managing his physical and mental energy, a skill that would prove pivotal in his journey.

The demanding path of medical school, which Bryan aptly likens to “drinking from a fire hydrant of information,” endowed him with a profound realization – the importance of effective energy management. He recognized the pitfalls of relying on artificial stimulants for energy, realizing their lack of sustainability and adverse health effects.

As fate would have it, Bryan was afforded the chance to collaborate with none other than Dr. Jim Loehr, the renowned performance psychologist. This collaboration became the catalyst for an enduring commitment: assisting “highly leveraged” professionals in attaining proficiency in the realm of energy management—surpassing the more traditional focus on time management.

In Bryan’s journey of exploring performance enhancement, the realm of athletics emerges as an illuminating beacon. It is within this arena that the principles of performance management truly come to life, offering invaluable insights that can be applied to our VUCA corporate reality.

Anticipation builds for Bryan’s upcoming book, “Retooling and Refueling,” a work poised to offer a wealth of wisdom. As we eagerly await its release, we can already glean some practical gems designed for high-performing individuals in the business arena:

  • Ultradian Rhythms: Reflect on how you manage your waking hours for optimal performance, considering your body’s natural rhythms.
  • Recovery Strategy: Delve into your strategies for recuperating from daily stress, ensuring holistic well-being.
  • Learning and Growth: Examine whether you genuinely learn from experiences or fall into patterns of recycling the same approaches.
  • Adaptability: Assess your openness to change, embracing the dynamic nature of the world around you.
  • Burnout Paradigm: Challenge the notion that burnout is an inevitable occupational hazard and consider it as a choice – something we can prevent.
  • Productivity vs. Well-being: Recognize that an obsession with productivity can be misguided if it neglects the efficient functioning of the human body and mind.
  • Holistic Healthcare: Embrace a humanity-centered approach over a mere human-centered one in the realm of healthcare and business.

Bryan Sykes left us with a lot to reflect on and build upon. A humanity centered approach to business requires commitment and energy management, and most importantly, shared experience. At A Leadership Beyond we continue to say, “we can do it, but not alone.”

We are grateful that YOUR voice is in our community of conversation and look forward to hearing from you.

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Reach out anytime and see you next time! 

Tom & Adrienne

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