Change Management and Talent Optimization - The New Recipe for Successful Transformation Projects 

Change Management and Talent Optimization – The New Recipe for Successful Transformation Projects 

Change is hard. Whether personally or professionally, change is fraught with uncertainty and can lead to frustration and fear of failure. When faced with the unknown we are naturally resistant, and in today’s world we are continually being asked to change.  

Like people, organizations must constantly evolve to keep up with the demands placed on them by emerging technologies, their customers, business environment and to stay ahead of their competitors. Organizations today are in a constant state of change, as they face a fight to remain relevant, leading to many team members dealing with fear, uncertainty, and dissatisfaction. 

While changing systems, organizational charts, and business models is complex, change on an organizational level is made even more difficult by the people involved. But change is only possible with people.  When we speak of organizational change, we are really talking about changing behaviors of the people in the organization. 

How can you successfully navigate change in the ever-evolving landscape we work in? Transformation projects are more likely to succeed when organizations adopt a new recipe that leverages change management and talent optimization strategies.   

Combined with “tried and true” change management strategies, adding the ingredient of talent optimization to a transformation project helps increase the odds of success.  

Here are four ways adding talent optimization can help your next change initiative succeed: 

  • Talent optimization informs transformation projects by identifying the behaviors and styles of your team members and helps you identify the best matches between role and employees’ style.  
  • Talent optimization enables organizations to identify your champions.  These are your key employees who are best suited for leading their teams through change. 
  • It helps inform the best communication strategy that resonates with those you’re trying to reach. This insight enables you  to predict reactions and roadblocks that might prevent the success of your change initiative.  Instead of reacting, you can proactively resolve any resistance issues before they sabotage your efforts. 
  • Using people data, talent optimization will close the gap between employee engagement and change strategy. You are better equipped to get into the heart and minds of employees and help them in a way that is personally meaningful to them. 

By adding the ingredients of talent optimization strategies to change initiatives, organizations can ensure that their projects are successful while empowering their teams with the data insight necessary to drive future growth and innovation. When used together, these two ingredients create a winning formula for achieving organizational success during times of transition and growth! 

If you are working on a transformation, consider adding a data-driven people focus to your planning and increase your likelihood of success. We can help. 

This article was originally published by Adrienne Guerrero on LinkedIn.

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