Making the most out of individual styles

Destination signs

Making the most out of individual styles

It seems that my dream vacation is not for everyone:

Me: beach, sun, palm trees in my view

My daughter: snowmen and the familiar comfort of home fires

Different styles – not right or wrong, only different. Even though my daughter tolerated our recent family visit to Florida (including a very long road trip to get there), and even had fun that she’ll never admit, she was very happy to be home where it was snowing and temperatures less than freezing.

The experience reminds me that at home and at work we need to appreciate each other’s styles of working and communicating. Some may need quiet, some may need to think out loud with their team. Knowing each other’s preferences and making space for all styles is what creates an optimized, cohesive team. And data is showing us that an optimized team is more resilient and more engaged.

Do you want to know more about identifying your own style and that of your team? I have a way… First, I invite you to read more about it in this short e-book and then let’s connect and I’ll show you how.

Understand what type of team you have and how to balance the drives of your team members.

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