Pandemic Power Lunch & Learn Series on Change Leadership


Pandemic Power Lunch & Learn Series on Change Leadership

We’re living and working in an era of emotional upheaval, accelerated change and heightened uncertainty. 2020 has brought us a triple threat to success. These are wild times to navigate even the most ordinary challenges, let alone the big ones that we’ll inevitably face. 

We all respond to these moments differently. We bring our personalities, attitudes, and life experiences. This very human diversity holds both the essential richness of opportunity and dangerous pitfalls.  

We can successfully navigate these challenges at the individual, team, and organizational level. All we need is a map, a framework, and a set of tools. 

Let’s learn—together—how to put these to work. Let’s explore your individual emotions, behaviors and preferences; the behavioral science behind why we behave the way we do; and how to apply all these learnings to models for leading changes, big and small.  

Introducing the Pandemic Power Lunch & Learn Series, brought to you by Diamond Mind and Postive Delta. This is a short video describing the series.

Lunch and Learn Series

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Tom Rosenak and Adrienne Guerrero have joined forces to support you in successfully navigating today’s unprecedented sea of change. Tom and Adrienne bring a wide range of experience and complementary set of tools to enable you to address the complete breadth of focus from the individual to team to the entire organization. Both are well versed in professional development and change leadership; they believe in the value of putting primary focus on people. While understanding the individual contributes to the whole system, Adrienne works in the macro with expertise in organizational change management. Tom works closely with teams and individuals to deepen relationships and drive results through coaching and workshops. Together, they are a powerhouse to nurture your entire organization to optimized performance. 

We look forward to meeting you soon!


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