Pulling yourself from the Valley of Despair

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Pulling yourself from the Valley of Despair

I’m slightly afraid to say this out loud, but I am on my way upward from the Valley of Despair. Dare I say I am beyond hope and very close to acceptance? (If you missed my article about sinking into the Valley, check it out here.)

It was not an easy journey, but I was reminded of a few critical steps in the process. Ironically (or not), these actually tie back to the core values of Positive Delta. I’d like to share some guidance that may help you if you’re trying to pull yourself from that same low feeling.

  1. Give yourself headspace for reflection: this is necessary for creative thinking and innovation, which I believe is a critical component of finding a way out of the Valley. For me, it was this reflection that helped me see what I really needed to accept the continuation of a COVID-induced agility. I need time; time to work with my clients and focus on my business.
  2. Take chances and have faith: you have to try something new or different if you’re going to move forward. In my current situation, that means hiring a “remote learning helper” for my children. It means bringing someone new into our “pod”. Taking chances are going to be scary or uncomfortable, but they are necessary. Trust yourself that you’ve thought it through (see Step 1), made a plan and are ready to take action.

Don’t’ get me wrong. This is not “Do these two things and you’ll be fine!”. It’s work, it’s a process, it’s a journey. It may not work at first, you may need to adjust, you may need to repeat, but you’ve taken a step forward. Well done!

If you are a manager or leader, peer and friend, be the encouragement and support your people may need to work through their own steps out of the Valley of Despair (which likely doesn’t look, feel, or sound like your own). That support comes in the shape of listening first, then good communication, training on new ways of doing things, and reinforcement when they get closer.

At Positive Delta, this is what we help our clients achieve. We make getting out of the valley and to the destination easier.

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