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Adrienne at ACMP

Using “people science” to guide change

I am still so energized by the discussion during our session, The Value of “People Science” in Guiding Change Initiatives at the ACMP Midwest Change Connect Conference this week! It seems we really are onto something about leveraging the power of behavioral data to enhance change management models. By having this insight, we can predict how individuals, or as an aggregate, teams of individuals, will respond to change.

Here are some ideas that came out of our session for ways to use people data:

  1. Assemble the project team to balance and compliment each other to be most effective and productive – or at least raise awareness where a team may have gaps and pitfalls.
  2. Get assessments on stakeholders and sponsors, so you can adapt your own style to help them be most effective!
  3. Get assessments on as many target employees as feasible, and especially the leaders of the primary targets, so you can predict how they’ll respond to the change.
  4. Craft your own communication with stakeholders to match their natural drives and needs – so your message resonates with them.
  5. Design communication and training plans in a way that aligns with the stakeholder doing the delivery, and the messaging that aligns to how the targets will best respond.
  6. Design reinforcement plans that reward employees in a way that resonates with them.

Stop Guessing!

By fully understanding and appreciating the “hardwiring” that influences our behaviors and preferences, and shaping the approach to driving change, we can meet people in a way that resonates with them. The more you’re able to individualize the way you communicate with, teach, and reward your employees to match their preferences, the more effective you’ll be in helping them through the change journey.

The first step is assessing your team. We can help – let us be your guide!

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