The engine of a successful business is people and the ability to adapt – to change. Successful leaders understand that change is necessary and can be daunting – and they know that failure rates are high when the human-side is ignored. ​

Big changes to the way people work – organizational structure, technology used, processes followed - can be designed systematically. More black and white. People, on the other hand, are dynamic. People can be “messy” and “complicated”. People are human, not systems. ​

Our strength is bringing a people focus to a systematic change. Positive Delta uses a data-driven process to flip your focus to people right from the start.

How We’re Different

change management driven by people data


+ Delta’s process is all about people - starting with you. We begin with Predictive Index, a simple, yet sophisticated evaluation tool that yields objective information about individual and team styles. It identifies and quantifies everyone’s strengths and measures their motivation to change. You’ll see who’s leading change, who’s lagging, and gain insights into how to change together. Because ultimately, it’s up to your employees to roll out processes and maximize technology.


With this insight in hand, we will guide the continuation of the process with a customized plan built on your strengths and the greatest investment in any organization - people.


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Core Services

Our customized services meet you where you are and the level of support you seek, from support and coaching to full-service planning and execution. All services are enabled by the insights of people data, powered by Predictive Index.

Change Consulting

  • System Implementation
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Team Performance

Change Management Workshops

  • Leading Change
  • Managing Change for Leaders
  • Building a Crew of Change Champions

Talent Optimization Workshops

  • The High Performance Series
  • Drive Results with Talent
  • Inspire People to Perform
“Change works better when you have people data.” ~Adrienne Guerrero, Founder & CEO Positive Delta

Service Offerings

+ Change starts with a free call


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