At Positive Delta, our passion is to build bridges. We help organizations and the people working at them make the right connections between what they’re doing and what they need to be doing to become the best version of themselves:

Organizational Change Management

  • Analysis and strategic planning
  • Stakeholder management and risk assessment
  • Communications, learning, reinforcement

How we do it: Apply proven and agile methodologies to develop change strategies for system, process and organizational changes. Craft solutions that increase adoption to the new way of working, including sponsorship, communication, training, and reinforcement.

What you get: Achieved business results of smooth transition and strong adoption. 

Team and Individual Performance Improvement


  • Individual coaching
  • Team workshops 


How we do it: Use analysis tools and an empathetic style to uncover barriers that inhibit teams and colleagues from performing at their best. Create workshops, or through one-one coaching, to address challenges elevating individual and team performance. 

What you get: Increased productivity, higher engagement, and improved business metrics.

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